Lawmen of the West

Law­men of the West fea­tures heroes of the Amer­i­can West in var­i­ous law enforce­ment positions–and the strong hero­ines who bring love into their lives.

*Each west­ern his­tor­i­cal romance in Law­men of the West may be read as a stand­alone and in any order. The series will be avail­able exclu­sive­ly at Ama­zon and can be read for free in Kin­dle Unlimited.

A young woman flee­ing to save her life. 

A untrust­ing lon­er weighed down by guilt.

Two very dif­fer­ent souls who find love in the boom­ing Amer­i­can West …

Short­ly after her beloved father’s death, Emma Brad­ford becomes a run­away heiress when she over­hears her beau and step­moth­er plot­ting to steal her fortune—and take her life. She jumps on a train head­ed to the Amer­i­can West and is instant­ly attract­ed to a hand­some stranger onboard.

Pinker­ton detec­tive Rye Calla­han is assigned to pro­tect an opera diva as she trav­els from New York to Col­orado and remain under­cov­er as a body­guard dur­ing her engage­ment at Denver’s newest opera house. Along the way he encoun­ters a beau­ti­ful woman who looks and sings like an angel, but Rye is mar­ried to his job and deter­mined not to become involved with the woman romantically.

But Rye and Emma wind up liv­ing in the same house in Den­ver, and their rela­tion­ship heats up fast. When the diva dis­ap­pears with­out a trace, Emma takes her place on stage—only to wind up miss­ing soon after. Rye races against the clock to find both women in time. And if he does, will he be able to open his heart and learn to love?

A wound­ed horse. A half-dead man. She thinks she can save the horse. She doubts the man will survive …

Painter Ale­na McClaine’s world turns upside down when an uncon­scious rid­er arrives on his injured horse at her iso­lat­ed Cal­i­for­nia cab­in. Both the ani­mal and the stranger sport bul­let wounds.

Much to her sur­prise, the man lives—and hasn’t a clue about his iden­ti­ty. Even worse, he’s now blind. As the stranger recov­ers from his head and shoul­der wounds, Ale­na finds her­self falling in love.

He remem­bers his name—and then his mission.

John Harp­er recalls pieces of his past as a beau­ti­ful woman nurs­es him back to health. Final­ly, he remem­bers he is a U.S. mar­shal hunt­ing a vicious gang of out­laws who have kid­napped a Unit­ed States senator—the very man who mar­ried John’s child­hood sweet­heart. He locat­ed the gang, only to be shot before he could res­cue the sen­a­tor and his young son.

When his sight returns, John knows he must head to the gang’s hide­out and attempt to res­cue their cap­tives despite his bum shoul­der. Ale­na, a crack shot, insists on going with him. The secrets and lies that await them test their new and frag­ile love.

A rest­less man who moves west to start a new life.

 A wid­ow search­ing for her pur­pose and security.

These ene­mies clash—and then meld as dan­ger and love bring them to the edge …

Civ­il War vet­er­an Jack Dun­can heads west once the war ends. After stints as a boun­ty hunter and sil­ver min­er, he lands a job as sher­iff in Sil­ver Bluff, Col­orado Ter­ri­to­ry. A man of strong moral con­vic­tions, Jack is con­cerned when the Kessler broth­ers come to town and begin buy­ing up land and tak­ing over busi­ness­es. The Kesslers made an under-the-table for­tune dur­ing the war, so Jack deter­mines to keep a watch­ful eye on the pair.

Nora Cantrelle leaves a rav­aged Louisiana after the sui­cide of her hus­band, a Con­fed­er­ate sol­dier who nev­er recov­ered from his dev­as­tat­ing war wounds. With her fam­i­ly in tow, she trav­els to Sil­ver Bluff to start a news­pa­per and a new life.

Sparks fly as the North­ern law­man and South­ern reporter clash, but love blos­soms as they unite to dis­cov­er what the Kessler broth­ers are up to. Fire, van­dal­ism, death, and murder—will Jack and Nora be able to keep their town safe enough to build a future together?

A law­man chas­ing down the man who almost charmed him into a life of crime.

An aban­doned daugh­ter final­ly reunit­ing with her beloved father.

Two indi­vid­u­als seek­ing the same man—for very dif­fer­ent reason …

After ten years apart, Boston school­marm Jen­ny McShana­han receives a let­ter from her father that instructs her to join him in Texas. She has no idea that he’s become Famous Sam McShan, the Robin Hood of the West. She arrives to find Sam already gone, but he left instruc­tions for Jen­ny to hire a guide and ren­dezvous with him in Nevada.

Texas Ranger Noah Daniel Web­ster knows Sam per­son­al­ly because Noah’s father—Pistol Pete Webber—was Sam’s long­time part­ner in crime. When Pete is killed dur­ing their last big score, Noah requests the assign­ment to bring Sam to jus­tice. Going under­cov­er, he vol­un­teers to act as Jenny’s escort across the dan­ger­ous prairie, using her to track her out­law father’s location.

As they jour­ney through rough coun­try, love blossoms—but Noah knows the sec­ond he arrests Sam, his betray­al will kill Jenny’s love for him. Should the law­man do his duty as a Ranger, or should he let love rule? The choice Noah makes will change their lives forever.