Rise of de Wolfe: Prequel to The Knights of Honor

1321 A.D. – After her brother’s death at the Bat­tle of Ban­nock­burn, Elia de Wolfe is sent to the roy­al court to serve as a lady-in-wait­ing to Queen Isabel­la. The grand­daugh­ter of Patrick de Wolfe, known as Nighthawk, and great-grand­daugh­ter of William de Wolfe, the Wolfe of the North, Elia is fierce­ly proud of her her­itage and yearns to return to her home after years of fos­ter­ing with the queen. When she learns her father is deter­mined to keep her far from the bor­der trou­bles with Scot­land, Elia makes plans to return home.

Ferand de Mont­fort lost his young wife and son in child­birth and seeks a new bride—this time, one of his own choos­ing. He trav­els to Lon­don and is cap­ti­vat­ed by Elia de Wolfe, a spir­it­ed and intel­li­gent woman. Elia con­vinces Ferand to escort her home, under­stand­ing she will be in his debt. Ferand hopes col­lect­ing that debt will include mak­ing Elia his wife.

Elia’s increas­ing reluc­tance to reach home springs from her grow­ing attrac­tion to Ferand. She is torn between remain­ing loy­al to her fam­i­ly and los­ing her oppor­tu­ni­ty for true love.

Join Ferand and Elia on their jour­ney across Eng­land as they find love and unite two great Eng­lish fam­i­lies, the de Mont­forts and de Wolfes, in this excit­ing pre­quel to The Knights of Hon­or medieval romance series. Buy from Ama­zon


Season of Honor: Geoffrey & Merryn’s First Christmas

In the midst of cel­e­brat­ing their first Christ­mas togeth­er, Geof­frey and Mer­ryn de Mont­fort are sum­moned to their sta­bles, where a young woman is about to give birth on the most holy of all nights. Will her baby be the Christ­mas mir­a­cle a cou­ple at Kin­wick longs for? Buy from Ama­zon

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God of the Seas: Pirates of Britannia World (Prequel to The King’s Cousins)

1263 A.D. – Melisent Win­ches­ter grew up in a con­vent, orphaned at so young an age that she can’t remem­ber her par­ents. When a dying nun con­fess­es that Melisent is her daugh­ter, she also reveals that Melisent is a love child, the result of a liai­son between the nun and England’s king. Because of polit­i­cal tur­moil, Melisent’s life is now in dan­ger. An unnamed knight spir­its Melisent away and places her on a ship bound for Corn­wall, where she’ll wed a Cor­nish baron.

As com­man­der of the band of Eng­lish pirates known as Poseidon’s Legion, God­win Trenoweth is a man feared by all. When his crew stops to plun­der a ves­sel, lit­tle car­go is aboard, but some­thing of great val­ue is found locked in a cabin—King Henry’s bas­tard daugh­ter. God­win takes the fiery-haired beau­ty cap­tive, plan­ning to ran­som her to both the king and her intend­ed hus­band until God­win decides he wants the beau­ty for him­self.

When God­win learns he was sold as a boy to the broth­er­hood of pirates he now com­mands so that his greedy uncle could claim the earl­dom God­win should have inher­it­ed, he seeks not only revenge, but a way to leave his pirate life behind in order to offer Melisent a bet­ter life.

Will God­win and Melisent find his uncle and claim a new life—or will Lord Stephen de Blays claim Melisent for him­self? Buy from Ama­zon