Sugar Springs

Wel­come to the new world from USA Today best­selling author Alexa Aston—Sugar Springs—a small town in East Texas where love has a way of turn­ing up when you least expect it!

*Each con­tem­po­rary romance in Sug­ar Springs may be read as a stand­alone and in any order. The series will be avail­able exclu­sive­ly at Ama­zon and can be read for free in Kin­dle Unlimited.

A woman with a secret occu­pa­tion. A man ready for a new chal­lenge. Work brings them together—and then love blos­soms between them .…

High school teacher Paige Laramie has been secret­ly writ­ing screen­plays under the name Laramie Fish­er in her free time. She sells a cou­ple for a mod­er­ate fee, but she strikes gold when Hollywood’s hottest super­star buys her lat­est effort and decides to shoot the film in her home­town of Sug­ar Springs.

For­mer stunt­man and mod­el Tan­ner Had­dock jumped to roles on the big screen, but he’s always been some­one who push­es him­self cre­ative­ly, seek­ing new chal­lenges. Tanner’s ready to move into directing—and finds the per­fect script to star in and make his direc­to­r­i­al debut.

He just didn’t count on falling in love with its beau­ti­ful, quirky writer.

Can two peo­ple from very dif­fer­ent worlds find com­mon ground—and find last­ing love?

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A woman smart­ing from the betray­al of her fiancé. A man chang­ing direc­tions in his career. A threat that will come between their new love … 

For­mer Olympic gold medal­ist Rory Addi­son suf­fers a career-end­ing injury when she is shot by a stalk­er while com­pet­ing on the ice. After a long rehab, Rory earns her col­lege degree and begins a new career in edu­ca­tion. Her world comes crash­ing down again when her fiancé is dis­graced by a huge scan­dal. Paint­ed by the brush of his mis­deeds, she resigns her posi­tion and is hired to teach high school his­to­ry in the small East Texas town of Sug­ar Springs.

Walk­er Cox remained in Dal­las after grad­u­at­ing from law school, even­tu­al­ly mak­ing part­ner at a high-pro­file firm. He walks away to return to his home­town, where he takes over his retir­ing father’s law practice.

When Rory is reluc­tant to begin a rela­tion­ship with Walk­er, her grand­moth­er tells Rory not to let her past col­or her future and encour­ages her grand­daugh­ter to give the hand­some attor­ney a chance. Things heat up quick­ly between the pair, and they make plans for a wed­ding, even as Rory con­sid­ers a career beyond teaching.

Will Walk­er and Rory begin their future togeth­er as man and wife—or will some­one from Rory’s past spell doom for their relationship?

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A woman betrayed and cast adrift. A man ready to prove him­self pro­fes­sion­al­ly. Oppo­sites who don’t match up on paper—and yet they find they are a per­fect match …

Nova Turn­er was tossed out by her fun­da­men­tal­ist par­ents when she turned up preg­nant at fif­teen. Tak­en in by her bohemi­an artist aunt, Nova gives birth to Leo, who becomes the light of her life. Hit by a dou­ble whammy—her live-in lover betrays her and her beloved Aunt Rain dies in a car accident—Nova finds her­self inher­it­ing Rain’s house in Sug­ar Springs, Texas.

Cole Johnson’s sto­ried foot­ball career as a Texas Long­horn came to an end when he tore up a knee. He shifts his focus from play­ing to coach­ing. After a decade as an assis­tant, he’s offered the chance to become the head coach and ath­let­ic direc­tor at Sug­ar Springs High School.

Sparks fly when Nova meets the hand­some coach, the man her son is itch­ing to play foot­ball for. Cole teach­es Nova about the game of football—and things heat up between them.

Can an uncon­ven­tion­al artist and sin­gle par­ent find hap­pi­ness with a worka­holic coach who’s always played by the rules?

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A woman ready to make a fresh start in life after a dou­ble tragedy. A man return­ing to his home­town, eager to serve his com­mu­ni­ty. Two peo­ple not look­ing for a relationship—much less love—and find­ing life is bet­ter when it’s shared …

Deb Busby’s life implodes when a stalk­er caus­es her to be fired from her job—and when she lets him know she has no inter­est in him—he mur­ders her par­ents. Seek­ing to escape her past and her enor­mous grief and guilt, Deb changes her name to Hope Keller and moves to the small town of Sug­ar Springs, pur­chas­ing the prac­tice of the local veterinarian.

Gideon Ross had hopes for play­ing in the NFL until a knee injury changed his career tra­jec­to­ry. Becom­ing a detec­tive in Dal­las, Gideon is even­tu­al­ly giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to return to his home­town and take over as its chief of police. Divorced for a decade, he has no plans for dat­ing, much less marriage—until he meets Dr. Hope Keller.

But Gideon’s police instincts cause him to look into Hope’s back­ground. As his rela­tion­ship with Hope heats up, he hes­i­tates to tell her he knows about her past because he wor­ries that it might impact their future.

Can Hope find peace in a new place and heal emotionally—and is Gideon Ross the man for her?

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A chef dig­ging her way out of debt. A doc­tor mak­ing a huge career move. Two ded­i­cat­ed pro­fes­sion­als who think they are too busy for love .…

Viviana Romano leaves her small East Texas town after high school grad­u­a­tion and lives with rel­a­tives in Tus­cany for three years, learn­ing to cook  the food of her ances­tors. When she comes home from her years abroad, she lands a job at a steak­house in Dal­las, falling for a moody chef who winds up sink­ing Vivi into mas­sive debt. Four years later—and final­ly debt-free—Vivi returns to her home­town and takes over Romano’s, her par­ents’ piz­za par­lor, with ambi­tious plans for the restaurant.

As a boy, emer­gency room physi­cian Ford Car­pen­ter spent sum­mers in Sug­ar Springs with his aunt and uncle, who were child­less and always treat­ed Ford as if he were their son. Fac­ing burnout from eigh­teen-hours days man­ag­ing a busy Hous­ton ER, he agrees to go into prac­tice with his uncle, eager to prac­tice a dif­fer­ent kind of medicine.

While reclaim­ing his life and set­tling into Sug­ar Springs and a slow­er pace of life, Ford begins a romance with a reluc­tant Vivi, who is drawn to the hand­some doc­tor and yet hes­i­tant to com­mit to a rela­tion­ship after being burned in the past.

Will Vivi be able to risk her heart and find a future with Ford—or will the demons of her past doom their rela­tion­ship from the start?

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