Knights of Redemption

In the ten years since Gavin had last seen him, Lord Aldred had aged considerably.

His eyes wan­dered to the woman seat­ed to Aldred’s right. A gor­geous mass of auburn curls spilled down the back of Lady Elizabeth’s dark blue sur­coat. ‘Twas almost a sin­ful dis­play of great beau­ty, to have hair unbound in such a man­ner. She sat as roy­al­ty would, with a self-assur­ance and grace that made her all the more attractive.

She chat­ted eas­i­ly with Lord Aldred. The cama­raderie between them was obvi­ous. Gavin lis­tened as she ren­dered sev­er­al judg­ments in a row and real­ized this woman had become the real pow­er at Kent­wood. Her quick and thought­ful deci­sions would make her a for­mi­da­ble oppo­nent in war. He was glad she was a woman, for he would nev­er will­ing­ly tan­gle with the likes of her on the battlefield.

Have we reached all deci­sions need­ed on this day?” Her voice rang out clear­ly through the hall. He admired her pres­ence and won­dered who her sire was.

When no one stepped for­ward, she again called out, “Does any man or woman wish to speak to Lord Aldred or myself before we adjourn?”

A half-dozen stepped for­ward, most prais­ing Lady Eliz­a­beth in one way or anoth­er. It irri­tat­ed Gavin by this point at how this lady seemed more revered than the very mas­ter of Kent­wood. Final­ly, he moved toward the dais.

As he stepped up, the last remain­ing man to speak, he looked to Lord Aldred.

I come to pay homage to—”

Gavin!” Lord Aldred cried in delight. He stood and then stag­gered forward.

Gavin rushed toward him and caught the old man as he fell. He placed the nobleman’s still form on the ground. As he did, he felt the woman’s gaze burn­ing into him.

My lady,” he said, his tone even.

With fire in her green eyes, she almost growled at him, “If you’ve killed him, I’ll see you dead.”

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